Marc Crawford Leavitt

Elder Law, Estate Planning & Administration, Real Estate

Being able to listen to your situation, ask the right questions, and explain the options are important skills. The goal, of course, is to spot potential problems in advance and plan to successfully address then. With estate and elder law issues, indeed with most matters that merit legal attention, every individual and family is different. That means a thorough discussion is needed to help arrive at the optimum course of action.

In dispute situations, putting yourself in the other person’s shoes can be important in achieving “win-win” resolutions and avoiding “win-lose” confrontations. This can be just as important in real estate transactions as in estate and disability planning to save money and minimize grief and anxiety.

Experience teaches that there are at least two sides to every story and often three or four. We look forward to hearing your story to help you make and implement the best decisions.

Education, Awards, Publications, Civic Activities & Memberships

J.D., Columbia University Law School.
B.A., Stony Brook University, cum laude.
Community Service Award, Sunnyside Community Services.
Elder Law Basics brochure, author, published in The Queens Tribune & SCS Newsletter.
Community Service Award, All Saints Episcopal Church, Sunnyside.
National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, Member.
NYS Bar Association, Elder Law Section, Member.
Queens County Bar Association, Member.
Alzheimer’s Association, NYC Chapter, Lecturer.
Queens County Library Foundation, Lecturer.
Long Island City Artists, Board Member.
Columbia University College of Dental Medicine, Board of Visitors Member.
Kiwanis Club of Sunnyside, Member and Past President
Community School Board #30 Q, Elected Member for 3 year term.
Candidate of Borough President of Queens.
Performed lead roles in many community theatre productions.


Paul E. Kerson

Civil, Estate & Criminal Litigation; Business and Family Disputes & Divorce; Personal Injury

My upbringing taught me “Justice, justice, thou shalt seek!”

Life can deal us difficult and complicated problems. My job is to recommend the right course of legal action for you and then to carry it out. I have a knack for putting my finger exactly on the pulse of the matter to diagnose what to do.

Because of my experience, lawyer colleagues often turn to me when they have a difficult case or problem, and they have ranked me as a “Super Lawyer.”

My first job after graduating from law school was as a special prosecutor fighting official corruption. I take representation of clients and the effort to achieve just and fair conclusions very seriously.

To fight a big injustice, sometimes a creative legal tactic is needed to get the attention of a party who has been ignoring you, like an expeditious order to show cause. If you are being sued, effective communication and the right legal response are critical to protecting your rights.

Court proceedings can be tedious. Sometimes it feels like “justice delayed is justice denied.” But whether you need financial relief resulting from an injury, a dispute resolved, a divorce, or criminal representation, we have the experience and judgment you need.

Education, Awards, Publications, Civic Activities & Memberships

J.D., Columbia University Law School.
B.A., Case Western Reserve University
Queens County Bar Association, President 2015-2016.
Queens County Criminal Courts Bar Association, Past President.
Queens County Historical Society.
Editor, Queens County Bar Bulletin.
Super Lawyer, rated by legal peers.
City of Ardsley, NY, former elected Judge.
NYS Bar Association, member
Author of numerous historical writings.


Joseph N. Yamaner, Of Counsel

Real Estate, Business Law, Elder Law & Estate matters, Litigation

You deserve complete attention from your lawyer, both initially and as your matter is carried out. Before attending law school Joseph served as a reconnaissance commanding officer in the Israeli Defense Forces and the Border Guard serving during The Six Day and Yom Kippur Wars. He was cited a number of times for courage and leadership during battles with terrorists.

Joseph’s opinion as how to deal with clients is in his own words, "I learned to treat people with respect and each decision with careful consideration. At the same time, I learned how to take a deliberate action when necessary, and have a full control over my clients' interests.”

Although most cases are not life and death matters (while estate matters ironically are), every transaction is important from complex shopping center deals to home transactions to estate disputes and administration. 

In addition to speaking English and Hebrew, Joseph also is fluent in Turkish and (Ladino) Spanish. His world view enables him to appreciate different cultures and perspectives. His experience and tenacity in negotiations enables him to strongly pursue your best interests while maintaining active communication with you.

Education & Activities

J.D., Cardozo Law School of Yeshiva University.
B.A., Queens College., award-winning Lecturer and Faculty Member.
Admitted to practice before the US Supreme Court and US Tax Court.
NYS Bar Association, Member of Trusts & Estates and Senior Lawyers Sections.
Queens County Bar Association, Member.
UJA Speakers Bureau, former member.


Ira R. Greenberg, Of Counsel

Elder Law, Estate Planning & Administration, Special Needs Trusts, Real Estate, Litigation

My ability to relate to and represent individual clients is informed by my earlier experience in public service because in both instances one must understand the problem and plan appropriate action. Prior to joining Leavitt & Kerson, I was Chief of Staff and later Legislative Counsel for Assemblywoman Catherine Nolan’s Office with a long history of advocacy working with the Straphangers Campaign and other groups.

People need to understand their options when confronted with a problem or opportunity. Our legal system exists for people to resolve disputes in an orderly manner. My job is to make sure you understand the choices, advocate for your rights and interests in this often confusing system, and where necessary make government fulfill its promise.

Elder Law and estate matters, real estate transactions and other legal issues all require careful understanding and development of a good plan, followed by conscientious implementation.

Education, Awards, Publications, Civic Activities & Memberships

J.D., Brooklyn Law School.
B.A., University of Chicago.
M.P.A., Baruch College, CUNY
Long Island Rail Road. Commuter’s Council, Queens Member.
Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Board Member (rider-representative non-voting).
Sunnyside Chamber of Commerce, Past President.
NYS Bar Association, Member.
Queens County Bar Association, Member.
Community Service Award, Sunnyside Community Services
Man of the Year Award, Ridgewood Democratic Club.
Kiwanis Club of Sunnyside, Member.


John F. Duane, Of Counsel

Business Matters and Personal Injury Litigation, Class Action Cases

A calm head and a keen mind are needed to best analyze a complicated legal situation and determine the most appropriate course of action for each of our clients. The determined advocacy of your position via litigation, or its threat, creates the pressure that can often result in a successful and more expeditious resolution. Perhaps the best negotiating skill is to conscientiously understand the other point of view to determine whether or not to pursue the next litigation step toward a trial.

Business matters, personal injury cases and other civil disputes all merit concerted attention and active communication with you. In my various roles as an attorney, legislator, civic activist and arbitrator, I have learned how to judge the comprehensive nature of each matter. Whether a class action involving a vast group of plaintiffs or an individual problem or opportunity, we look forward to advocating for you.

Education, Awards, Civic Activities & Memberships

J.D., Columbia University Law School.
B.A., Colgate College.
NYS Assemblymember, elected to and served two year term.
NYS Bar Association, member.
Bayside Civic Association Man of the Year.
National Association of Securities Dealers, Arbitrator.

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Tali Sehati, Associate

Estate Planning, Probate, MHL Art. 81 & SCPA 17A Guardianships

Conscientious estate planning involves more than merely minimizing estate taxes and conservation of assets. Your attorney must also be well versed in your family dynamics, its special circumstances and the needs of your loved ones. I am a firm believer that the attorney-client relationship entails open lines of communication, trust and professionalism in the implementation of any transaction. I am always honored to be entrusted with some of the most important decisions or critical emotional times of our clients’ lives. In my view, being in such service while maintaining our humanity and integrity makes it all worthwhile.

Education, Awards, Civic Activities & Membership

J.D., Cardozo Law School of Yeshiva University.
B.A., Queens College, magna cum laude.
NYS Bar Association, member
Interned for Federal Judge. Sterling Johnson, Jr., Eastern District, NY.
Fluent in English, Hebrew and Farsi.